Youth Training Package

ytpProject AWARE offers schools and communities a complete youth empowerment training package for developing video documentaries, dramas, public service announcements and more. The series includes guidance and support for the process of supporting young people to make a difference in their community using film as the medium.

“Video Pros”

a class series where teens create high quality videos to make a difference

This school year, Project AWARE is offering a new and exciting program for young people. “Video Pros” offers teens an opportunity to learn the world of film production and produce a high quality video product. Each individual will learn both by instruction as well as first-hand experience, and will receive his/her own copy of the final product, a new set of skills and some great memories. All attendees will be supported and advised by both youth leaders and film/editing professionals. Teens will learn production and technical skills for all stages of creating a high quality video product including producing, directing, filming, sound, lighting and editing. Special focus will be paid to team building and the collaborative nature of film-making. The series will conclude with the production of high quality video product ranging from 1 minute public service announcements or commercials to dramatic movie shorts of up to 30 minutes long. Attendees will learn about responsibilities for all facets of the production as they create the video which will be used to raise awareness about an issue they are concerned about. For dramatic movie shorts, the video can be marketed for sale.  Project AWARE can work with you to design a specific program that fits your needs. For more information contact the Coordinator at

 In the last 4 years, Project AWARE has produced four high quality educational movies written, directed and acted in by young people. Project AWARE also provides workshops and presentations which raise awareness about youth issues reaching thousands of young people and adults annually.

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  1. In today�s society we need to put the most focus on the development and empowerment of our youth. Considering the fact that they are our future leaders, politicians and teachers it is important they are given the skills necessary for them to live a fulfilled life.