Youth Empowerment Workshops

This workshop offers young people and adults a chance to make a difference about an issue they are concerned about.  Using games, interactive theater and group discussions facilitators present information about a youth issue such as substance abuse or bullying / harassment, and engage the group in creating a unique way to address these or other issues that they identify. Young people are supported to create awareness-raising activities for their communities such as performing skits for community groups, leading presentations, and/or producing public service announcements. YEW participants walk away with new information, skills and abilities as a result of working in the creative group process. Project AWARE facilitators include young people and adults, and are available for groups of 10 – 40 people with the ideal number being around 20. The workshop can be offered ranging from a one time event at conferences to a community based series over a specific period of time. Download the info sheet here.

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