Untold Stories Educational DVD Package

1 out of 4 kids in U.S. schools are bullied or harassed. Many have a severe reaction including low self-esteem, depression, and mental / physical illness.

“Untold Stories: the truth about bullying and harassment” is a powerful and profoundly moving look at the impact bullying and harassment has on kids behind closed doors. The movie is based on the true stories of 2 young people and it shows the path victims may follow to escape the pain in their lives.

This 25 minute dramatic movie short and educational package includes special feature documentaries, interviews and a comprehensive handbook.

Untold Stories – Complete DVD Package with Supporting Materials

Main Feature

Untold Stories
A 25 minute dramatic movie short based on the true stories of two teenagers

Special Features

Young People Empowered: ending bullying and harassment
A 20 plus minute documentary split into 3 segments exploring the questions:
“Why does bullying and harassment happen?”, “What can we do about it?” and
“What is working?” This feature interviews students, parents, government,
prevention experts and others to explore how to address bullying and
harassment in your community. Includes examples of local and national
prevention initiatives.

The Making of Untold Stories

A short, fun feature documenting the Project AWARE Players making of the
movie. This is an inspirational look at a successful group of teens who have
completed two powerful movies and are taking the lead in creating change
about the issues they are concerned about.

Making a Difference Handbook

This comprehensive guide includes detailed information closely tied to the
DVD to help students, educators and others to create change in their own
communities.  In addition, it provides internet resources, scripts of a
Project AWARE Players skit on bullying, and much more. User friendly,
visually interactive and the essential companion to the DVD!

Other Features Include:

Project AWARE Players Skit
Developed for an audience of students and parents, this 10 minute skit
raises awareness about the issue of bullying and harassment and focuses in
part on cyberbullying. Written script is included in the handbook for use by
schools and communities.

Informative Promotional Trailer for “Untold Stories”

Interview Clips of Middle School Students
Students are interviewed about the issue of bullying

Dedication to Alan Day (1954 – 2008)
A supporter of Project AWARE and the Players who gave generously to
organizations which supported his vision of a more peaceful and just world
through youth empowerment.

Informative Promotional Trailer for “Falling”

A film by the project AWARE Players to raise awareness about youth
prescription drug abuse.


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