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Project AWARE provides workshops, presentations, and the Reel Life program which includes the Summer Film Institute for youth as well as targeted filmmaking that produces high quality, dramatic educational short movies and PSAs created by young people.

Project AWARE Reel Life Program Info:

Project AWARE is about real life teens telling real life stories in a powerful way. Young people in the program create impactful, high quality movies that address social issues and make a difference. Simply put, the process changes their lives.

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Project AWARE has 3 primary goals: (1) support young people in realizing their gifts and passions while also making a difference in the world, (2) create high quality films with a social purpose, and (3) be successful financially in order that more and more young people, as well as communities, are supported in this way. To that end, Project AWARE has completed 4 films and currently has 4 additional movies in production throughout the state of Maine.

The most recent film, April’s Heart, just received the young filmmakers award at the Litchfield Hills Film Festival and Iowa Film Festival. April’s Heart tears the mask off of youth so we can see inside. It’s a story set in a time when life can be hard; a story that gives us an intimate look at the challenges, hopes and dreams of teenagers. The movie invites us to listen … and to care. The Sanford (Maine) High School Film Club, with the support of Project AWARE and Gum Spirits Productions, led the year‐long production effort. Ultimately, over 200 students, staff and community members were directly involved, making it one of the largest after school programs the town has ever seen.

Cast and Crew April's Heart

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Here is a link to a You Tube video where a student speaks about his experience.

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