Summer Film Institute

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have been a part of that film and the response was phenomenal!  I was approached a few weeks ago by a woman who is the Director of the Adult Education. I can safely say that I am officially being hired to make small promotional videos. So, thank you all and Project AWARE for helping me ‘kick-start’ my career! Can’t wait for the next project- keep me posted!” Katie

The Summer Film Institute produces amazing film. Here are links to past projects. The work from the Summer Film Institute 2015 will be released in May of 2016.

2013 – 2014 “a better place” –

2012 “Smoke Rings”

2011 “Listen”

2010 “Shoestring for Mackenzie”

2009 “Influenced” (Influenced is on DVD)

2008 PSAs only. See all PSAs on Project AWARE’s YouTube channel.

For more info and to register for 2016 (August 15 – 19) call Project AWARE at 207-282-5598 or write to .

The Summer Film Institute is held in August of each year for youth ages 13 – 18. The goal for the Institute (s) is to create a film product about a social issue to be determined by a group of young people. The film institute attendees will then be responsible for producing a high quality video which will be marketed to make a difference and raise awareness about the issue that is identified.SFI 2012 Flyer

Working as a team, young filmmakers will learn the “A-Z” of video production including production coordination, casting, directing, lighting, sound, photography, acting and post production including some editing, and more.

In the summer of 2008, Project AWARE held its first Summer Film Institute. Young people ages 11 – 19 created 3 powerful PSA’s about issues including peer pressure, teen pregnancy, and role modeling (see them on the Project AWARE YouTube Channel). The PSA on role modeling was picked up by a local producer who offered to work with Project AWARE to create a dramatic movie short on the subject.

Over the course of the following school year, PSA creators – ages 12 and 14, worked with Project AWARE Players, staff and experienced community members to create a 30 minute direct-to-DVD dramatic movie short about how parents role model for their kids.

When Project AWARE hosted its second film institute in August of 2009 it became a golden opportunity to support young people to really make a difference. 15 youth attendees were trained to crew the film shoot with Maine production company, GumSpirits . The movie now titled “Influenced” is written, directed and acted primarily by young people. Overall, 100 plus cast and crew made it possible and it addresses an issue that concerns all of us – how parents model for their kids. Check out the trailer for “Influenced” HERE!

In 2011, SFI Attendees produces the movie Listen (available on DVD) was produced along with powerful PSAs on cyberbullying, racism and distracted driving. 

See links for other movies above.

Over seven years, Project AWARE has teamed up with video professionals to create 12 high quality educational movies written, directed and acted in by young people which raise awareness about critical issues in our community. Video production companies such as Video Creations or Gum Spirits Productions and Project AWARE provides workshops and presentations which raise awareness about youth issues reaching thousands of young people and adults annually. Overall, with a team that includes high-end technical savvy and experience working with youth, attendees to the institute are practically guaranteed a great experience.

SFI 2012 FlyerContact Project AWARE to find out more at Scholarships may be available.

What Youth Have to Say

I just want to thank you for such an amazing week. Before the film institute, I thought the highlight of my summer this year had been a trip to Colorado. Oh, i’ts just another film camp where I’m going to learn the basics over again. I was sadly mistaken after going through this great experience and I will remember it forever. I truly had one of the best weeks of my life at Summer Film Institute.

The Summer Film Institute is AMAZING! It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life! I don’t know who I’d be without it. I’m absolutely going again this year!

The Summer Film Institute was extraordinary!! I miss everbody and am definitely going again this summer!!!
it was AWESOME!!!!!! :)

I went and it was amazing! I had a lot of fun meeting new kids like me and getting to know some kids from my own school better!

I’ve been volunteering at the summer film institute since the beginning. I love it and hope more than anything I can make it back from college to be there this summer. There is nothing like watching people from all walks of life grow to be such close friends. I still talk to the kids from the first summer and every time I do they talk about missing Project Aware :-) can’t wait for this summer! See you there!!!!!!!!!!!

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