Project AWARE

The vision of Project AWARE is a community where young people are leaders, and are addressing issues of concern in their lives from their perspective and in their voice…. a place where their voices, thoughts, concerns, and solutions are welcomed and heard… and from that place, youth-led action is taken.

Project AWARE provides workshops, presentations, and the Reel Life program that includes the Summer Film Institute for youth as well as targeted filmmaking that produces high quality, dramatic educational short movies and PSAs created by young people. The mission of the organization is to “empower young people to lead”.

For detailed information about Project AWARE programs please go here

Project AWARE is about real life teens telling real life stories in a powerful way. Young people in the program create impactful, high quality movies that address social issues and make a difference. Simply put, the process changes their lives. It also provides a learning environment for marketable skills – not only the technical aspects of movie making but also public speaking, creative thinking, writing, and much more.

Programs and videos, along with more information, are available by contacting the Coordinator at or 207-282-5598.

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