Influenced – DVD/CD Package


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Main Feature: Influenced    28 minutes
The movie “Influenced” is written, directed and acted primarily by young people. Over 100 cast and crew made it possible. Creators Aleah Graham and Josephine Cooper, ages 13 and 15, worked with Project AWARE Players, staff and experienced community members to produce this direct-to-DVD video. Project AWARE then hosted its second film institute in August of 2009 and trained 15 youth attendees to crew the shoot with Maine production company Gum Spirits. This powerful dramatic movie addresses youth issues such as prescription drug abuse, eating disorders, alcohol and tobacco, with the focus being on how adult role modeling influenced the choices young people made.

Special Features

the video blog: 16 minutes
A behind the scenes look as teen creators Josephine Cooper and Aleah Graham team up with Gum Spirits Productions and 15 other teens from the Project AWARE Summer Film Institute to create “Influenced”.

Youth Interviews: 11 minutes
The youth cast and crew are interviewed about the issue of role modeling and their experiences in making the movie.

Creators Commentary: 28 minutes
Josephine Cooper (Creator and Producer / Director / Lead Actor) and Aleah Graham (Creator and Producer/ Lead Actor) are joined by Jim Cole (Director of Photography and Editor) to provide insightful commentary about the making of the movie.

Parenting PSA: 1 minute
Original 1 minute PSA by Josephine Cooper and Aleah Graham which served as the concept for “Influenced”

Influenced Slide Show: 5 minutes
production stills with music

Informative Promotional Trailer for “Falling”: 9 minutes
Informative Promo video for the Project AWARE Players movie to raise awareness about youth prescription drug abuse.

Informative Promotional Trailer  for “Untold Stories”: 6 minutes
Informative promo video for the Project AWARE Players movie to raise awareness about bulling and harassment.


Informational Companion Guide
“Influenced” seeks to raise awareness about the immense impact role modeling has on young people. The guide, along with the DVD special features, provides an educational and interactive resource for viewers.
Goals for the guide include:

  • To inspire adults to take more responsibility for their actions particularly in relationship to young people.
  • To support young people in knowing that they have options to get help and support for any negative role modeling they may have experienced.
  • To provide individuals and schools with tools to help young people and adults talk about and deal with unhealthy behaviors that are being modeled.
  • To encourage community members to ‘be the village’ that it takes to raise a child by engaging with others to support young people, including intervening in negative role modeling and creating support systems for youth and parents.
  • To raise awareness about the social services available to the community.


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