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Project AWARE Like-A-Thon!

November 14th, 2012

The Like-A-Thon contest features a $100 cash prize! Project AWARE is at 951 Likes (as of 11/14/12). We think a magic number is 1,000! If we reach 1,000 or more by 10 PM on November 25th we will send $100 to the person who gets us the most Likes.

The steps are:

1. Sign up for the contest by posting on Project AWARE’s wall by Saturday November 17th at midnight. Use these key words: “Youth Voice Now!” and anything else inspiring you want to add ☺. WE LOVE INSPIRATION.

2. Look for a Like-A-Thon status update on Sunday November 18th. It will give you the final IMPORTANT details about how it will work. Contest will officially start at 3 PM that day.

3. Once you know what has to happen – starting on the 18th, start talking to your friends and sharing the page, and ask them to Like Project AWARE!

4. During the contest – once they Like Project AWARE – they will have a way to identify you as being the person who encouraged them to do so. (How? announced on Sunday Nov. 18 in the status update)

5. Contest ends on November 25th at 10 PM. Winner announced November 26th. Everyone except 2 adult administrators of the Project AWARE Page are eligible!

Clearly this is not a perfect science … but if you put lots of energy in and get lots of likes you have a great chance to win! Good luck and have fun! THIS WILL HELP PROJECT AWARE A LOT! THANK YOU.

More info:

We must have at least 10 contestants signed up for the contest to begin.

Contestants must be identified as getting at least 7 Likes to be eligible to win.

Please note this is a first time we are running this contest – please forgive us in advance for any confusion or errors. Ask questions by sending us a message on Facebook or e-mailing us at

Project AWARE Info and Links

November 1st, 2012

Project AWARE provides workshops, presentations, and the Reel Life program that includes the Summer Film Institute for youth as well as targeted filmmaking that produces high quality, dramatic educational short movies and PSAs created by young people. The mission of the organization is to “empower young people to lead”.

For detailed information about Project AWARE programs please go here: or to the “Programs” page on our website at See trailers and PSAS at Our channel receives up to three thousand views per day.

For the promo go here:

Project AWARE is about real life teens telling real life stories in a powerful way. Young people in the program create impactful, high quality movies that address social issues and make a difference. Simply put, the process changes their lives. It also provides a learning environment for marketable skills – not only the technical aspects of movie making but also public speaking, creative thinking, writing, and much more.

Programs and videos, along with more information, are available by contacting the Coordinator at or 207-282-5598.

This past year over 500 young people were directly involved as writers, directors, cast and crew in creating 4 high quality video products on teen health including nutrition, physical activity, bullying prevention, tobacco prevention, substance abuse prevention, mental health, and teen sexual health. Partners included the Maine Dept. of Education, Family Planning Assoc. and Acadia Hospital. Overall, Project AWARE youth have created 20 PSAs and 8 movies with 4 more in production. In addition, thousands more attended premieres, presentations and workshops. And tens of thousands viewed Project AWARE videos on YouTube and TV including WPXT in Portland and WABI in Bangor.

A recent film, April’s Heart, received the young filmmakers award at the Litchfield Hills Film Festival and Iowa Film Festival. April’s Heart tears the mask off of youth so we can see inside. It’s a story set in a time when life can be hard; a story that gives us an intimate look at the challenges, hopes and dreams of teenagers.

To see the April’s Heart trailer please go to this blog post:

To see a testimony from a participant of this project please go to a YouTube video at:

The following additional links showcase the incredible work of young people:

The blog on the website has information about recent projects:

A story about a teen who did some powerful work at the Summer Film Institute:

Summer Film Institute:

Facebook, YouTube, Website


To find out more about our movies and see trailers please go to the films page at

For more information about Two Seconds which premiered on October 23rd 2012 please go here: