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Teen Sexual Health

January 18th, 2012

A team of 25 teens – with adult support – are hard at work creating PSAs and videos about teen sexual health!

Wise and Crazy Teens (and adults)

Here are some of the questions they are answering:

- What do teens think and feel about issues of sex, sexual health and sexuality?

- What do you want adults to know about teens and issues of sex, sexual health and sexuality?

- What do you want/need from the adults in your life regarding these issues?

- What do you wish you could say to the adults in your life about these issues?

The Family Planning Association of Maine in collaboration with Project AWARE are creating video scenarios (scripted role plays); short clips of young people discussing issues for use online and a dramatic short film of 10 – 20 minutes in length created entirely by young people about sex, sexual health and sexuality.

The project is now fully underway with meetings coordinated by Project AWARE. Youth from all over the state are bringing their wisdom to bear on this often challenging issue. During planning meetings at Maranacook Community High School, teens have a chance to share their stories, brainstorm ideas, and plan the project, including an anticipated April video shoot. The 25 youth currently involved, and an estimated 100 additional youth, will write, direct, act in, crew and produce the movies. So far, at least 10 schools are represented.

As always, the project will support teens in having a voice. The issues they address could include learning about sex / sexual health / sexuality, abstinence and sexual activity, birth control, STDs, teen pregnancy, LGBTQ issues, and Family Planning Health Centers.

Teens Brainstorm Ideas

For more info about the project please contact the Coordinator!