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Influenced Premieres, DVD Available!

December 21st, 2009

“Every child is INFLUENCED by their parents.  By their good decisions, and by their bad.  Kids are aware and remember.  Parent’s influence today, shapes the generation of tomorrow.”Josephine Cooper age 15, co-creator, following the Premiere of  “Influenced”, Dec. 13, 2009, Biddeford (Maine ) City Theater.

Congratulations Josephine Cooper, Aleah Graham and the entire cast and crew of “Influenced” as the movie premieres for over 300 people on a rainy and snowy night .

Aleah Graham, age 13, goes onto say, “Wow, what an experience. This movie has come such a long way. I remember the first meeting we ever had. It was at Thornton Academy, in the gazebo where Josephine and I met Karen True for the first time. Then, the series of meetings at Starbucks, getting the same drink each time, plotting, rewriting and revising the scripts. At that point I was just along for the ride. But then I started realizing just how important this project really was. I remember after we had written all three scripts we set a casting date which ended up getting postponed three times; something I am now grateful for because it gave us the opportunity to better our story-line and find amazing actors.”

“In the movie, as you know, we had two big scenes; the cafeteria and party scenes where we had a great turnout of extras from the community, all of whom were willing to hang out and participate when needed. It was wonderful to feel the support of peers throughout the process.”

“This movie means so much to me. I learned so much about myself throughout this process. I made so many life long friends from all walks of life, and I feel so lucky to be able to have taken part in such an extraordinary process. I am so thankful for the many opportunities Project AWARE has given me and I can’t wait to get started on the next movie. I want to give a special thanks to everyone who participated, we couldn’t have done it without the Sanford Kids, the rest of the film institute attendees, the adults at Project AWARE, Gum Spirits, and Parents. Thank you all so much! You helped to make ‘Influenced’ what it is; so thank you!”

You can find out more and also order “Influenced” on DVD at

Group 2

Cast and Crew (partial) of "Influenced"

Standing O

Standing Ovation for the Movie "Influenced"

Aleah with Poster

Co-Creator Aleah Graham