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NEW “Influenced” Promo Reel

October 22nd, 2009

Influenced Promo Reel with orginal PSA, trailer and interview. 4 minutes.

“Influenced” Director Writes about Role Modeling

October 2nd, 2009

Monkey see monkey do. What does this old phrase truly mean? That every one of us follows someone, does as the one we look up to does. But what if what we see isn’t something we should do? What I ask is how would a child know? Role models are the one’s who shape children’s lives. So what are they to do if those role models don’t model in the way they should? Too many children are lost because of this very question. And unfortunately the answer is that even if they don’t have a good model to follow, they follow right behind anyway. And so the best way to stop this is to make parents aware of what an “influence” they have on their children. My goal with this movie is to show parents the astounding affect they have on their kids. To make them realize that they are the only hope for their children’s future.

Josephine Cooper – Writer, Director, Producer and a Lead Actor for “Influenced” 

Sophomore at Thornton Academy (High School) Saco